Saturday, March 30, 2013

December 4th, 2012 - Called to Serve -

December 4th, 2012 - 
        With much anxiousness I received my call in the mail and opened it on December 4th, 2012. At this point in the process I dont believe I fully understood the opportunity and blessing that was located inside this large white envelope. I knew that I wanted to serve and looked forward to this experience but was not entirely confident in myself and my abilities to become a good missionary. I was thrilled to know I would be learning a new language and leaving the United States but also at the time quite disappointed at the 5 month wait between my call opening and my departure date- April 25th. 

I had been struggling alot with my confidence and just wanted to get out and get started...hoping that my faith could be better strengthened by others. However, this was not Heavenly Fathers plan and these last 4 months have been exactly what I have needed. I have used them to better prepare myself for what lies ahead. My faith has been tested, my testimony tried, and I have overcome many feelings of inadequacy satan has placed into my heart. I now feel much more capable of what is coming my way. I have a renewed appreciation for the atonement. I also have a new appreciation for gods timing. He knows what I need and I have grown to know and feel that for myself while waiting. In only 3 weeks I will be giving my farewell talk and 2 days following, embarking on the greatest adventure of spiritual and emotional growth anyone could ever be blessed with.